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Although most people are aware of olive oil as an essential food supplement with many nutritional benefits, very few know that its first usage was as a cosmetic extraction.
It is a widely spread view that ancient man discovered olive oil after stepping with wounded bare feet on olives, which had been dropped on the soil. The olive oil that was coming out of the fruit was a refreshing reliever for his tired legs.  Archaeological evidence comes to prove this, with olive oil amphorae since early Minoan time appearing to contain herbs for medical purposes.
It was also Hippocrates, probably the most outstanding figure in the history on medicine, that in the 5th century B.C. recommends olive oil for certain ailments, as well as for healing abrasions, muscles invigoration and skin soothing from dry climate effects.
Olive oil contains gallic acid tannins, iridoids, flavonoids and sugars that have intensive cell stimulating, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, astringent and moisturizing action on the human skin.
Thus, olive oil has proven to be an effective multipurpose agent for the creation of high quality cosmetic products.

 Olive Spa company
The company Olive Spa was enstablished in 2007 with main activity in the production,packaging and marketing of quality natural soaps on valuable olive oil.
The Olive spa products  combines extra virgin organic olive oil with natural extracts of Grape seed,Aloe,Dictamnus,lime and natural oils Jojoba,Argan,Avocado,Shea butter and many others  that are beneficial to the skin, to offer the ideal natural care for the face, body and hair.

Olive Spa products
Olive spa products are developed according to the most advanced technology,progressive research,herbs and natural ingredients throught strict clinical and dermatological test with the aim of providing maximum safety and results.

Our e-shop www.olivespa.gr
After an expanding quality production in Greece  always based on organic Olive and natural extracts and oils,  our products rapidly received not only the loyalty in the domestic market but also a great enthusiasm throughout the country from the several visitors that choose Greece as one of their favourite destination each year.
Thus we created our e-shop, in order to be able to stay in contact with everyone that wishes to have our cosmetic products delivered to his/her home address, establishing this way a bridge of communication throughout the year with the rest of the world.