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Olive Spa was established in 2007 and ever since it has been active in the production, packaging and merchandising of high-quality natural soaps and cosmetics. It currently owns 2 brands: Olive Spa and Santo Volcano Spa. The name of the company suggests the use of olive oil as a healing and wellness agent, as its beneficial properties for the human body have been well-known since the ancient times. Following the success of olive oil natural soaps, the company moved on with the creation of the first Olive Spa line, a complete series of cosmetics for the face, body and hair based on olive oil which was initially meant to cover the local market needs.

In 2015, a landmark year for Olive Spa, the innovative Volcano Black Soap was produced, whose popularity went beyond all expectations, and which became the number one soap in sales in the touristic market.

The company took a further step in the production of the specific soap, using volcanic water and lava rocks, so the year after, these innovative ingredients were used for the creation of a new line of cosmetics called Santo Volcano Spa.

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Within the same year, four more luxury soaps were launched, each of them distinctive and innovative in its own way, both in terms of ingredients and properties as well as of design.

In 2018, twelve more products were added to the Santo Volcano Spa line and eighteen new items were added to the line of luxury soaps.

Today, Santo Volcano Spa features a complete line for skin and hair care with 30 beauty products, while the soaps collection has been enriched with new items like vegetal-glycerin and hand-made soaps. A series of cold-pressed natural oils has also been available ever since.

The company has never stopped to invest in the research and development of new products, so following the trends of cosmetology, Olive Spa launched in 2021 two new vegan cosmetic collections ‘Olive Oil & Spirulina’ and ‘Olive Oil & Aloe’ with key ingredients:

  • Organic Olive Oil – the yellow gold of anti-ageing
  • Organic Aloe – the king of medicinal plants
  • Spirulina extract – marine detox power

Both new series are:

The formulas of the new eco-conscious lines are enriched with all aid provided by nature, by using only certified and ‘green’ raw materials and active ingredients. The new range consists of two separate series of products for face, hair, and body care for an ultimate skincare & beauty routine.

Σήμερα η σειρά καλλυντικών Santo Volcano Spa

είναι ένα γνωστό και αναγνωρίσιμο brand καθώς διαθέτει μια πλήρη γκάμα 30 προϊόντων για την περιποίηση του σώματος, του προσώπου και των μαλλιών, ενώ αποτελεί την πιο επιτυχημένη συλλογή της Olive Spa, με εκατοντάδες ευχαριστημένους και αφοσιωμένους πελάτες σε όλο τον κόσμο. Η συλλογή των σαπουνιών έχει εμπλουτιστεί με χειροποίητα σαπούνια και με σαπούνια φυτικής γλυκερίνης. Μια σειρά φυτικών ελαίων ψυχρής έκθλιψης είναι επίσης διαθέσιμη.

 Η εταιρία δε σταμάτησε ποτέ να επενδύει στην έρευνα και την ανάπτυξη νέων προϊόντων. Ακολουθώντας λοιπόν τις τάσεις της σύγχρονης κοσμετολογίας, η Olive Spa λάνσαρε το 2021 δύο νέες, vegan σειρές καλλυντικών ‘Olive Oil & Spirulina’ και ‘Olive Oil & Aloe’με βασικά συστατικά:

Βιολογικό Ελαιόλαδο – ο κίτρινος χρυσός της αντιγήρανσης

Βιολογική Αλόη Βέρα – ο Βασιλιάς των θεραπευτικών φυτών

Εκχύλισμα Σπιρουλίνας – θαλάσσια αποτοξινωτική δύναμη

Τα προϊόντα των δύο σειρών είναι:

  • Vegan: Χρησιμοποιούμε φυτικά και βιολογικά συστατικά
  • Με 100% ανακυκλώσιμες συσκευασίες
  • Δερματολογικά ελεγμένα
  • 100% Ελληνικής παραγωγής

 Οι φόρμουλες των νέων οικολογικών σειρών είναι εμπλουτισμένες με προϊόντα από την τοπική φύση, με χρήση μόνο πιστοποιημένων πρώτων υλών και  ενεργών συστατικών. Οι δύο σειρές είναι διαφοροποιημένες μεταξύ τους και προσφέρουν προϊόντα περιποίησης προσώπου, σώματος και μαλλιών, για μια ολοκληρωμένη φροντίδα ομορφιάς.

Along with the innovations in product manufacturing, the distribution network of the company has been expanding in Greece and abroad.

Up to this day, the company has managed to get a foothold in more than 200 points of sale throughout Greece and to develop exports activity within Europe (Italy, Austria, United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Cyprus, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Latvia & Lithuania).

If you are interested in our exports activity, please visit the B2B corporate partners’ page. All cosmetics and soap lines are also available online through the electronic shop which operates since 2014 and ships the products everywhere in the world with fast and safe delivery.

The company’s offices, showroom and central warehouse are located in the Industrial Area of Heraklion, Crete, from where the products are daily dispatched to supply the various distribution channels. Olive Spa employs personnel of different backgrounds in the departments of administration, production, warehouse, sales/marketing, and operations.

Olive Spa proudly participates every year in major cosmetics exhibitions like Souvenir Expo Athens and Cosmoprof Bologna.

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