Volcano Savon Noir

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Augmente la circulation sanguine et lymphatique et tonifie les muscles et les tissus. Lutte contre la rigidité, l’ankylose, l’arthrite et les muscles tendus. Idéal pour les peaux acnéiques et pour traiter le psoriasis, l’eczéma et la peau sèche.

  • Augmente la circulation sanguine et lymphatique
  • Exfolie et détoxique
  • Tonifie et hydrate
  • Sensation vivifiante

Convient pour:

  • Visage et corps
  • Tous les types de peau

Emballage 90 gr

Principes Actifs

Huile d’olive

Hydrate et restructure l’épiderme. Contient Hydroxytyrosol, un fort antioxydant qui protège la peau des radicaux libres et de la dégradation des cellules. Excellent agent hydratant.

Sable volcanique

Un agent exfoliant naturel qui offre un peeling exact et homogène. Elimine les cellules mortes et régule la tonalité inégale de la peau.


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    Елена Плавинская

    Мое любимое мыло. Не первый раз привожу с Крита) ❤️

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    Sharnai Gayle

    I absolutely love this soap. I recently repurchased two more of the anti acne face creams last month as Olive Spa were doing a 2 for 1 offer on selected skincare, of which the anti acne cream was included in. As the cream had worked so well on my skin and I was running low on my previous facial soap, I thought I’d see what kind of soaps Olive Spa had and I came across this gem – and what’s more it was also discounted at 30% off! As soon as it arrived I began using it in my morning/evening face routine and I love how it makes my skin feel cleansed, without stripping it. I haven’t had any breakouts ever since I’ve started using Olive Spa products and I really feel like these products have saved my life. I’ve been getting lots of compliments on my skin and it makes me glow from the inside out. I now hold my head up high. I no longer feel the need to hide away like how I used to because of having really bad acne. I will be purchasing again!

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    die beste Seife, die ich je hatte! Habe grundsätzlich eine gute Haut mit wenigen Unreinheiten. Letztere hatte ich immer nur am Hals. Sind jetzt komplett mit der Seife verschwunden. Reinigt und Pflegt den Körper. Ein Produkt, auf das ich nie mehr verzichten möchte.

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    Shelana Goldsmith-Gray

    We were given some of this soap as a gift from a family member that had recent been on holiday. It was actually brought for our 1yr old son who suffers with eczema. We have used it 3 times and I can’t believe the results that we are seeing. The problem areas on his arm have almost completely vanished. I’m over the moon with the results! So much so that I have just brought another 5 bars to ensure we remain well stocked up. I wish I had discovered this product sooner. Highly recommended

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    The most fantastic soap I ever use .Make my skin so soft .I have acne prone skin , but you can not imagine now how easy left everything !!! Really is super!!!!!

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    very nice product

  7. EN


    Savon savoureux pas rêche et agréable à utiliser.
    Une super sensation.
    La lave apporte un bien fait à la peau la rendant plus net et clair. Ma fille l utilise pour son acné. Produit découvert lors de notre voyage en crête.

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    Мыло отличное! Мне его в подарок с Крита привезла подруга. У меня псориаз, От мыла хорошо происходит отшелушивание.

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    Chanelle from ENGLAND

    Brilliant soft soap

  10. EN

    Elizabeth Challis

    I purchased some of this during my last visit to Crete in April / May. I thought I would give it a go because I suffer with Excema when Im out in the sun and my normal medicated cream was not really working quickly enough. I was amazed by this product. (and no I don’t work for the company 🙂 Seriously I was really impressed and now I use it often. I even use it on my face because there is no rubbish in i and my face genuinely feels clean afterwards with no left afterwards. … more than than.. I washed my hair with it the other day (because I have issues with my scalp) . I might need to go back to Crete soon in order to get some more of it… unless anyone knows how I can get some in UK …

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    Great soap with a fresh light aroma!

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    I like this soap, I use it every day and night

Volcano Savon Noir


12 reviews